Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Unconscious Love

I glimpse you peripherally and I yearn to hold you, to crush you nearer.
I espy you across the courtyard, amidst the falling leaves;
resplendently dressed in their last hurrah—your beauty outshines them.
I see you in the vanity mirror, but as I turn, your image flutters and fades;
slithering through my perception to the next past or future, never dallying in the present.
I'm taken aback as your face speaks to me
from the rippling surface of nearest neighbor's man-made pond,
prophesying events yet to come; my mind spins and you stay still, calming me.
I sense your presence as you tenderly brush my hair,
softly caressing nape of neck, shoulders, small of back.

My eyes roam carefully over your scantily clad body as we dive into the river;
foreseeing foretold events—experiencing our unions, separations, and communions simultaneously, arriving at a tumultuous explosion.
Fusing ourselves and our souls, melting into that cesspool of minds…
Losing ourselves, our souls, finding, loving, knowingly we choose to complete the cycle again;
to find each other once more as: man, woman, cat, bird, or fish—
realizing the bond.

I see your soul in adored flowers.
I hear your voice in racing breezes through laurel.
I smell your sweet scent in burning incense.
I feel your hot breath upon my neck as I walk in the sand.
I understand that which you have prophesied.
I love you in your absence.
I possess you in the mirrors in my closet, upon my walls.
I hold you close as storms crash onward.
I pull you tighter when it seems I've lost my nerve.

You are that which has no name.
You've been termed love by some—yet I see no semblance in you.
You demand my attention lovingly nonetheless and I succumb,
for this bliss can't be measured against mere wisdom.

Feel me surrender as you envelop me further; ohhh more,
if only we could...


At 1:16 AM, Blogger The Dude said...


I took the time , this time to actually focus. I feel that I was sucessful in your writings, communication.

Very well done, Love You Potter

Reporting from the Trenches: R.Pleger
Your Friend

ps:you are not wearing any pyrimids on your head are you?

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Scott Michael Potter said...

Glad to hear you were attentively here Roy!

Pyramids hover everywhere: beware said the cryer!

At 12:02 PM, Blogger JULIEVA FAMEJUD said...

nice one

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't find you forever...malia


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