Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soul Companion Whole Reunion

In the finding of the souls
A mixture of love and remembrance overwhelms

It is the strangeness of being one
Before one knows the other
Before one sees the other
But as one has been with the other

It is a reunion

Give me that new love
Beyond the old paradigms
The old ghosts of today through the past
Wherein people get lost
In the way it should be and not feeling what is….

This is not as we are….

Whirlwind of embraces
Sounds traverse woods of lost loves
Leaves speaking languages hidden
In caves of learning
In wombs of memories
Crafting what we shared and know
What felt itself before we lived again
In the midst of echoing traces

We elevate over instances
What once grasped and held
Holding us without warmth
We gave into all…transforming energies

They flowed through warming us
They became us
And in that instant we saw self, I, me, we and ourselves as one….

This new mythology arises into a semblance
Of revelation not borne of redemption
Or any other archaic notion

Where doth the information come from
Doth it channel forth from voids in Chaos
Doth it channel forth from unspaces in Gaia
Doth it channel forth from unlight in darkness
Doth it channel forth from undark in lightness
Wherefrom matters little as whatwith and wherewithal matter

Smatterings of this and thou resonate
Into summer reverie of dismemberment
It is the knowledge of the integration of death
And of life that enters psyche and soul
Herein is import for reform

Riding mutual energies into oblivion
We scream streaming sweet release

For we know the known and the unknown
We’ve known what we thought and what we unthought

Where did the losses go?
Where did the chances go?

If we find nothing other than us
We have found the changes that make a world!


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