Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weaving Becomingness

Clotho once wove a weave so fine,
so exquisite,
its rainbowed hues left none
witnessing it without tears.

The fabric entwined
that thus clothed
the heroes who donned it
throughout the eons,
protected them from harm
and allowed them access
to the most private of seclusions,
the most secreted mazes,
the deepest cavernistic halls,
the highest mountainous peaks;
on the bottomest of ocean floors
they ambled slowly;
on the thinnest of clouds
they tread with surety.

Do you wear the rainbow robe
that makes of nine heads
a simple stoney sculpture?

Do you wield the power
interlinked with donning such responsibility?

Wearing and wielding such power
wends its way beyond
one’s blood fueling movement
and into innovative inaugurations:
life becomes
and constantly becomingness
rather than is
or simply being…


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