Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sown Words Drown Swords

Moving through reeds on the edges of each cool pool
what was carrion has risen anew with mewl
The leaved poetry on trees viewed as a macule
speaks passion only sweetly wafting past the fool
who instead of hearing all sees but majuscule

Brief Exegesis
The above word play is not addressed to anyone in particular, but to those who cannot hear the plain poetry of nature plied on the leaves of the trees, for all they can see instead are the $, which in this case represent the majuscule, and therefore everything else is blurry text (macule, as in mackle, not the macula lutea). So, despite the fact that they may have experienced a near-death potential life-changing event (at the will of Artemis in the cool pool, or Pan among the reeds that are Syrinx), and as walking carrion arisen they make weak whimpers (mewl), they yet remain fools when they cannot or refuse to listen to nature.


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