Friday, April 06, 2007

why authentic revisioning?

Authentic Revisioning represents a new attempt, some may deem foolhardy, at writing in snippets to try to achieve a jigsaw puzzle result that conveys more meaning than ordinary essays and essay writing are able to accomplish due to the numerous connecting words and explaining required. It is not a type of approach this writer has come across previously, and represents only the first such attempt. It has also been submitted as an example of the thesis/dissertation writing process, for consideration of inclusion in a book on that topic through the Imaginal Institute.

My thinking is that perhaps as a first attempt it will not truly get across enough as a puzzle, and may need more polishing in order to do so, movement of stanzas, reordering of pages, etc., which means that if it is accepted it will be a pleasant surprise. However, regardless of status, this attempt will see further ones that will be forthcoming and posted as they are completed. I hope at some point to release a book of such “essays,” which are not journaling, or freewriting, as much as they are intense thinking on particular topics that are interrelated and ongoing in my life.

Life’s Force,
Scott Michael


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